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Rendering and architectural visualization studio

We offer professional level rendering and 3d modeling services at affordable rates. Through clear communication and polished processes, we can provide a 24 -72 hour turn around time on most projects.


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Architectural Rendering & Visualization Company In Calgary

Serving Canada, United States and Dominican Republic

Our Architectural Rendering & Visualization Services

Architectural Visualization

architectural renderings

We help our customers visualize their new projects.  Let us help you create images or animations that will communicate your message.

3D Design & Modeling

architectural design services

Using 3-D modeling, we can generate models that help our customers showcase their projects.

Rendering Services

rendering of multi-family home

We utilize different rendering styles to create renderings of exteriors, interiors and aerial views of our customer’s projects.

Residential Rendering Services

architectural renderings

If you are a builder or even a homeowner who would like renderings, we can assist with both renderings and 3D models.

Commercial Properties

architectural design services

Looking to create the next unique office space, or perhaps another commercial property? Our team has extensive experience creating renderings of many unique ideas.

Custom Work

rendering of multi-family home

Not sure what help you need, or if you have a unique idea, give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help.

Turning Our Customers Ideas Into 3D Models

professional architectural rendering

Rendering & Models Completed in 2019


Completed Projects

Envisage Design Studio Creative And Professional

Service From Around The World

We use talent from Canada, USA and Dominican to create renderings or visualizations of our customers projects. This gives us the unique ability to get projects done all year round, even during major holidays.

Expertise You Can Count On

Our team has all completed master degrees in the architecture and construction fields to ensure the highest quality when it comes to represent your projects accurately. We are current with all current techniques and software, so we can produce the finest results.

Our Customers

We help designers, architects, builders and other project managers. Envisage Design Studio specializes in taking conceptual ideas and converting them into 3D Models, stills, renderings and other visual aids. We take on projects of any scale, and any industry.

Passionate And Friendly

Helping our customers create 3D renderings of their projects is our passion. It is important to us that we are able to accurately render or model their project. By doing so, we can help them avoid costly mistakes and delays.

Envisage Design Studio

Calgary, AB, Canada


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