Envisage Design Studio

Rendering and architectural visualization studio

This is the story of how Envisage got started.


An Agile And Hardworking Studio

Serving Canada, United States and Dominican Republic

Our Company Began in 2016

Architectural Visualization

architectural renderings

We help our customers visualize their new projects.  Let us help you create images or animations that will communicate your message.

3D Design & Modeling

architectural design services

Using 3-D modeling, we can generate models that help our customers showcase their projects.

Rendering Services

rendering of multi-family home

We utilize different rendering styles to create renderings of exteriors, interiors and aerial views of our customer’s projects.

Our Team Spans The World

A Team Ready To Take On Any Project

With team members located across the world, we have the ability to take on projects of almost any size.

Efficient Processes/Quick Turn Around

By following strict and well polished processes, we are able to provide 24 – 72 hour turn around time on almost any project.

Our Customers

We help designers, architects, builders and other project managers. Envisage Design Studio specializes in taking conceptual ideas and converting them into 3D Models, stills, renderings and other visual aids. We take on projects of any scale, and any industry.

Passionate And Always Learning

The environment we live in is always changing, and laws are always updating. That is why our team is constantly working on staying current with all new green initiatives and certifications.

Envisage Design Studio

Calgary, AB, Canada


M - F: 8:00 am - 5 pm